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Since 1946, Bindi has crafted the finest quality gelato and sorbetto from traditional recipes.  Passion and creativity are combined with premium natural ingredients.  We invite you to discover the unique capabilities that make each of Bindi’s flavors a distinct experience.  Our gelato and sorbetto are all natural, no high fructose corn syrup, made from scratch, never pre-mixed bases, prepared with premium ingredients from Madagascar vanilla beans to Sicilian lemon puree.


GELATO (1.24 Gallon)

Our gelato’s contain dairy ingredients such as milk and cream.  Bindi gelato has about half the fat and one third fewer calories than traditional ice cream.  Our gelato is characterized by natural ingredients, smooth textures, and intense flavors.

  • #5130    Chocolate Chip Mint – Refreshing mint with wonderful dark chocolate chips.
  • #5176    Cookies and Cream – Light fiore di late base with cookie flavor and texture.
  • #5178    Peanut Butter Cup – Creamy peanut butter gelato with peanut butter cups.
  • #7006    Pumpkin Pie – An autumn classic enhanced with cinnamon, ginger & clove notes.
  • #7008    Strawberry – Naturally flavored and colored, infused with slices of strawberries.
  • #7010    Sea Salt Caramel – Sweet Caramel is balanced with sea salt.
  • #7020    Dulce de Leche (Caramel) – South American classic with a sophisticated caramel essence.
  • #7021    Green Tea – Filled with antioxidants, made with natural ingredients.
  • #7028    Tiramisu – Creamy texture, intense coffee flavor and chunks of sponge cake.
  • #7040    Dark Chocolate – Dark, rich and intense.
  • #7075    Cappuccino – Italy’s most famous coffee drink, in a creamy frozen version.
  • #7078    Coconut – Tropical flavor and the texture of real coconut.
  • #7164    Gianduia – Infusions of hazelnut and chocolate gelato with generous bits of hazelnuts.
  • #7385    Vanilla Bean – Made with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
  • #7989    Amarena Cherry  – a light cream base infused with imported dark Amarena cherries.
  • #7990    Chocolate – Classic and richly made with dutch cocoa.
  • #7991    French Vanilla – Real vanilla and sweetened egg yolks makes this authentic and smooth.
  • #7992    Hazelnut – A classic (aka – Nocciola) made with the finest imported hazelnuts.
  • #7993    Pistachio – Real pistachio flavor and color from real pistachios.
  • #7995    Coffee – Intense flavor and rich taste for the true coffee lover.
  • #7999    Chocolate Chip – American version of Italian Stracciatella made w/ solid dark chocolate chips.




SORBETTO (1.24 Gallon)

Bindi Sorbetto is unlike other brands. That’s because our recipes use whole fruit purees and is dairy free.  The natural pulp in the puree adds body to the sorbetto and prevents the ice crystals that form in sorbettos prepared only with fruit juices.

  • #7001    Raspberry – Made with 100% real red raspberries.
  • #7002    Blood Orange – Sicilian Blood Orange Puree sweetened with citrus flavor.
  • #7383    Mango – Tropical flavor made with 100% of imported mango puree.
  • #7754    Mixed Berry – Melody of mixed berries such as black and red currants..
  • #7927    Passion Fruit – 100% real passion fruit puree.
  • #7979    Strawberry –  fresh fruity taste of ripe strawberries.
  • #7980    Lemon – Freshly squeezed  lemons make this sorbetto crisp and clean.
  • #7982    Coconut – Flavorful and textured with bits of coconut.


L’artigiano Gelato (1.25 Gallons)

Flavors and ingredients are of the artisan level of production.

  • #G300    Sicilian Pistachio
  • #G301    Hazelnut
  • #G302    Nutella
  • #G303    Rocher
  • #G304    Bacio
  • #G305    Perugian Chocolate
  • #G306    Vanilla
  • #G308    Zuppe Inglese
  • #G310    Sicilian Lemon
  • #G312    Amarena Cherry
  • #G318    Spumoni
  • #G319    Coffee
  • #G320    Strawberry


0409 Sigaretta – Rolled thin crispy wafer cookie.
0410 Ventaglio Viennese – Crispy wafer cookie.